We are the National Distributor for Glyco-Fix and the other health supplements produced by Makulu Mutis

The natural way is the better way - free of contaminants, artificial chemicals and petro-chemicals that are harmful to your health and pollute the environment - go the The Natural Products Company alternative route and enjoy a better lifestyle - it makes Pure Sense.

We only market natural and eco friendly quality products - skin care and beauty, health, home and garden - an extensive selection of quality products for the upliftment and wellness of our quality clients to enhance their lives and lifestyles


Victorian Garden products

 Cleansing Milks

Cleansing MilksCleasing Milks

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 Day Mosturising Cream

Day Mosturising CreamDay Moisturising Creams

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 Hand made Soaps

Hand made SoapsHand Made Soaps

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 Night Moisturising Cream

Night Moisturising CreamCamomile & Geranium Mens Moisturisers

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 Products For The Bath

Products For The BathProducts for the bath

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 Products For The Body

Products For The BodyProducts for the body

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 Products For The Face

Products For The FaceProducts For The Face

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 Products For The Hair

Products For The HairProducts For The Hair

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 Products For The Home

Products For The HomeProducts For The Home

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 Royal Tudor Range

Royal Tudor RangeRoyal Tudor Range

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 Special Facial Products

Special Facial ProductsSpecial Facial Products

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 Toning Freshner Lotions

Toning Freshner LotionsToning Freshner Lotions

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Makulu Sense products


Colon-FixA safe, gentle solution to stimulate intestinal cleansing without the gripping and cramping pain associated with most laxatives – magnesium oxide may further act as a deodorant, antiseptic, anti-infective and antacid

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Glyco-FixAn affordable all natural rich food supplement boosting the immune system and helping to rid the body of toxins and fight disease and disorders naturally.

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Nutri-FixNutritional Products

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Omega-FixContains rich sources of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 with some 9 – supports a healthy heart, reduces depression, improved concentration and memory and may even reduce joint pain and swelling

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Para-FixA comprehensive formula of natural products to remove harmful parasites and worms from our bodies – customer feedback has been very positive indeed

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VitaC-FixA specially formulated non acidic Vitamin C anti oxiodentent with bioavailable magnesium ascorbate, potassium citrate, sodium ascorbate, citrus bioflavanoids, calcium ascorbate and ascorbic acid – a quality essential supplement

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Puresense products

 ABC Herbal Healing Spray

ABC Herbal Healing SprayABC Herbal Healing Spray

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 Crystal Fresh

Crystal FreshCrystal Fresh deodorant stick

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 ECO Products Baobab Oil

ECO Products Baobab OilBaobab tissue oil produced from seeds from the Limpopo valley is a superb natural moisturiser, encouraging regeneration of cells and a healthy skin.

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 Malachite Jojoba Tissue Oil

Malachite Jojoba Tissue OilAn amazing rich skin rejuvenating oil that gives exceptional results and described as ‘the miracle of the desert’.

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 Neo Deo

Neo DeoA pure natural salt deodorant stick with no Chemicals or aluminium

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OilsNatural Oils

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 Products For The Face

Products For The Face

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 The Green Herb Co

The Green Herb CoBrilliant range of natural healing creams made from organically grown herbs from the farm.

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 The Victorian Garden

The Victorian GardenAn unusual and delectable organic skincare and body care range – indulge yourself in some of the finest products nature offers.

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Health Sense products

 Dabur Toothpastes

Dabur ToothpastesThese natural toothpastes contain no fluoride or chemicals....

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 ECS Colloidal Silver

ECS Colloidal SilverAnti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral – discover the spectrum of benefits from this international leader in colloidal silver.

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 Naturone Progesterone

Naturone ProgesteroneNatural Progesterone therapy cream. The natural alternative to HRT’s – restores natural hormone balance and boosts the immune system

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OrganaminAn exciting new natural calcium and mineral supplement produced from a natural seaweed - more easily absorbed by the body than any other calcium source

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OrganaslimOrganaslim is a ...

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Home Sense products

 Bio Kill

Bio KillA wide spectrum insect killer - harmless to humans, animals and birds - odourless, eco-friendly and bio-degradable

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 Triple Orange Cleaners

Triple Orange CleanersA natural bio detergent pure orange oil based gel - no chemicals - squeaky clean results with all the eco friendly benefits of a natural product

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Garden Sense products

 Bio Kill - Insect Spray

Bio Kill - Insect SprayA wide spectrum insect killer - harmless to humans, animals and birds - odourless, eco-friendly and bio-degradable

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 Guano Fertiliser

Guano FertiliserSeabird Guano is a brilliant natural fertiliser for plants, lawns and shrubs in dry or diluted form. Guano revitalizes micro organisms in the soil and also acts as a snail repellent and fungi inhibitor.

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